The Centre for Sport and Human Rights welcomes the Adecco Group to its Advisory Council

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights has proudly welcomed the Adecco Group to their Advisory Council in a move that underscores their long-standing commitment to human rights.

The Adecco Group’s purpose is making the future work for everyone, ensuring that people are inspired, motivated, trained and developed to embrace the future of work.

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights works towards a sporting environment that fully respects human rights through collective action and promotion of the Sporting Chance Principles.

Through its Advisory Council, the Centre brings together an unprecedented alliance of intergovernmental organisations, governments, sports bodies, athletes, hosts, sponsors, broadcasters, civil society representatives, trade unions, employers and their associations, and national human rights institutions.

The Adecco Group has a long history of collaboration in the world of sport, through its Athlete Programmes which began in 2005. The Athlete Programmes seek to address the challenges that athletes face in entering the labour market after their sporting careers, or in finding the balance between sport and work by recognising them as a unique talent pool.

Mayi Cruz Blanco, Global Head of Athlete programmes at The Adecco Group, said “We share the Centre’s vision for a world of sport that has human rights at its heart. In the face of a global pandemic and as we stand up against inequality around the world, joining the Centre has a deep meaning for the Adecco Group. Committed to make the future work for everyone, we will collaborate alongside with the Centre and its partners to bring this vision forward.”

Mary Harvey, CEO Centre for Sport and Human Rights commented, “We welcome the Adecco Group into the Centre. They will bring the perspective of the private employment services industry and broaden the reach of our Advisory Council in areas around responsible recruitment and athlete well-being. They will bring a wealth of insight into our work going forwards, especially in these times where Return to Play is such a key issue.”

Adecco Group Future Players Initiative, 3-4 December 2019, London In cooperation with Women in Football UK.

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