White line on the edge of a grass sports pitch.

What We Do

We harness the power of sport and act collectively to bring together an unprecedented alliance of institutions to fully align the world of sport with the principles of human rights. We share knowledge, build capacity, and increase accountability. We are an impartial convenor and a safe space for aligning multi-stakeholder action. We are growing an engaged network of organisations ready to embed human rights commitments in sport

For more about how we approach our work, please see our strategy, Convergence 2025 and look at our key tools.

Sports Ecosystem

Our strategy is built around uniting actors across the sport ecosystem to work together for sustainable change. At the centre of it all are people – people whose human rights must be respected and promoted.

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Who we engage

Mega-Sporting Events

Sporting events should be delivered responsibly, meet the highest standards, and leave a positive human rights legacy.

Sports Bodies

Expectations in sport are changing, and sports organisations are looking to understand and demonstrate their commitment to respecting human rights.

Sponsors & Broadcasters

Those who promote and broadcast sport have opportunities to advance human rights and responsibilities to address impacts on people linked to their own activities.

Governments & IGOs

States have a duty to protect human rights, including ensuring a safe environment for sport to flourish in.

People and Communities

Protecting the rights of athletes, workers, fans, communities, officials, volunteers and the press is at the heart of responsible sport.

Our focus areas

Child rights

We engage with all actors in sport to strengthen understanding of their impacts on the rights of children.


We work to ensure that those whose human rights are negatively impacted by sport have access to effective remedies.


We are developing programmes to promote the participation of all women, girls, and non-binary individuals to ensure they benefit from sport equally and safely.


We stand for equal opportunities for all in sport, including LGBTQI+ persons, persons with disabilities, minorities, migrants, historically disadvantaged communities, and indigenous peoples.


We act with sport to ensure robust standards and procedures to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm.

Our impact

Female footballers on a grass pitch running towards the football.

Case studies

Working with our Advisory Council and other actors, we intervene directly to support those in sport who have been directly affected by human rights abuses.

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