Explore the Centre's Online Teaching Note on Sport and Human Rights

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights (CSHR) has published a Teaching Note on Sport and Human Rights, with guidance on how to integrate human rights into sport-related education. This is the first publication in the Centre's new key tools section, for researchers and teachers.

The Teaching Note has been developed over the past months with support and input from the Centre's academic network. It is intended to serve as inspiration for those involved in teaching sport and human rights related subjects and provides guidance on how to integrate the topic into existing coursework or new areas of teaching. In addition to a general introduction to the topic of sport and human rights, it highlights a number of sub-themes and core questions to study, as well as ideas for teaching approaches, a selection of resources and case study examples.

With this teaching note, the Centre hopes to contribute to making the growing sport and human rights movement more sustainable by strengthening the integration of sport and human rights in education.


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