Lex Sportiva: What is Sports Law?

This book is the first to focus on the often raised and discussed question whether there is a separate discipline of international sports law and, if so, which criteria should be used to identify it. What belongs to it and what does it involve? So far, the debate has not run along any structured lines, meaning that different points of view and angles have never been systematically compared amongst experts in order to attempt to reach pertinent conclusions.

In the present book highly relevant and critical English-language articles on the question “What is Sports Law?” are brought together with the extended papers and results of the 2010 Djakarta Conference “The Concept of Lex Sportiva Revisited”.

The expertise and views of the contributors present an important step in the right direction and form a solid basis for further discussion amongst sports lawyers, academics and researchers on the fascinating Lex Sportiva phenomenon. It is essential reading for all those with an interest in sport and the continually evolving interface and interaction that exists between sport and the law, as well as the different ways how they influence each other.

Prof.Dr. Robert Siekmann is Director of the ASSER International Sports Law Centre, The Hague and Professor of International and European Sports Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dr Janwillem Soek is Senior Researcher at the ASSER International Sports Law Centre.

The book appears in the ASSER International Sports law Series, under the editorship of Prof.Dr. Robert Siekmann, Dr. Janwillem Soek and Marco van der Harst LL.M.

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