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CSHR members & participants pledge to advance a culture of responsible sport

CSHR is an official partner of Human Rights 75, a UN Human Rights Office initiative. As such, we are participating in the "Push for Pledges" campaign, which encourages meaningful actions towards improving communities, nations, and everyone’s human rights.

Our pledge submitted to the UN Human Rights 75 pledging platform reads:

"The Centre for Sport and Human Rights, together with our members and participants, reaffirms commitment to the Sporting Chance Principles, advancing a culture of responsible sport. We will expand access to education and knowledge, build capacity, and develop transformational partnerships that uphold respect for human rights in, around, and through sport at all levels and the hosting of sporting events. Our work will enhance commitments to good governance, transparency, and human rights due diligence, prioritise meaningful and safe engagement of affected persons, create and strengthen effective remedies for those impacted by sport, and harness the power of sport for good."

Every year, during our global event, the Sporting Chance Forum, we will take stock of the progress made against our collective pledge.

CSHR encourages each of its Advisory Council members, Engaged Organisations, and every actor of the sports ecosystem to also make their pledges and help advance the protection, respect, and promotion of human rights in, around, and through sport.

The UN Human Rights Office has special pledging guidance for different sectors: member states, national human rights institutions, cities, civil society, businesses and sports bodies, the latter created in collaboration with CSHR.

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